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  Not all sober housing is the same
  Setting the Standard for Safety in Sober Homes for Men and Women since 1993
  We have been in the business of providing sober housing for men and women for over 12 years. Countless men and women have come through our doors from all walks of life and all situations seeking help to learn to live a healthier, sober lifestyle. Our residents come to us from homeless shelters, VA shelters or hospitals, treatment facilities, detox, counselors, psychiatrists, the justice system, family referrals and self referrals. We take the dual diagnosed as long as they are not taking benzodiazepines.

Our mission of providing sober housing also means providing safe housing. Our Sober homes, unlike some others out there, have ongoing inspections for sprinkler and fire alarm systems as well as local health department inspections. When you send a client to sober housing, be sure they are also going to housing with 24 hour a day management like we provide, as well as appropriate health and safety inspections.

We have begun a new training program for our managers to keep them up-to-date on the latest addiction information as well as the skills and techniques needed for them to be more effective managers. Coupled with that, our administration staff has a combined 44 years experience in the substance abuse field in treatment, prevention, and sober housing. That kind of experience is important when looking for a sober home provider.

Twelve Step Education Program continually strives to continue to be the best, most effective, and safest sober housing in New England today. Our Executive Director and Founder, Phil Malonson, is also available to speak at staff or organization meetings about addiction and the value of sober housing in helping men and women learn to stay sober. Phil's story is very compelling and speaks to the importance of sober housing in many lives. Call Phil at 617-645-7062.

Remember, not all sober housing is the same. You want to refer clients to an organization who cares as much about the safety of its residents as sobriety. When you are placing clients, ask if they have sprinklers in the houses and a fire alarm that is wired to the local fire department. Find out how often they get inspected for health and safety. Ask them if they have the appropriate occupancy permits. Then call us. We have immediate openings in Billerica, Quincy, Saugus, Woburn, and Berwick Maine.
  We currently have sober homes in
these communities in Massachusetts and Maine
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Billerica Sober Home

Quincy Men's Home
  Billerica Tour

Across the street from
LRTA Bus #14 Schedule
LRTA Bus #14 Map
LRTA Bus # 18 Schedule
LRTA Bus #18 Map
short description of image Quincy Tour :Less than one block from Wollaston T stop on Red Line
Woburn Men's Home

Berwick, Maine Men's Home
  short description of imageWoburn Tour coming! Around the corner from
T Bus #250 to Alewife
short description of image Berwick Tour coming! In front of the house:
Coast Route 1 Bus
Saugus Men's Home

  short description of image Saugus Tour Down the street from
T Bus #426 to Boston


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